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Meet The Team


Chris Mason

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Chris Mason values family and friends and his dedication to both cannot be underestimated. Chris has been an active Police officer for over 20 years with a PhD. He has served overseas training police officers in Afghanistan. Having to navigate in one of the most segregated communities in the world; Chris makes no excuses. He always displays a deep understanding of how important it is to show empathy and kindness in your community.


Debra Bowles

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Debra Nixon Bowles brings a unique background in Community Resource Development to The SLAP Movement. As a Board Member she is committed to helping others achieve their goals and has devoted countless hours to educating and empowering individuals in the community on how to live a better life. Her passion for community involvement is based on her own personal experiences in her childhood and as an adult. She has a knack for opening the right doors for great opportunities. Debra continues to focus on creating strategic plans to improving lives in all communities.


King Ashoka

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As President and Founder of The SLAP Movement King Ashoka has an everlasting passion for community, arts, education and culture. Being a local artist for years in Dallas has influenced him to become a community activist and strong leader in his community. He continues to show how dedicated he is to leaving a legacy that will change the world. King Ashoka understands the true power of social change.


Shannon Lewandowski

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Shannon Lewandowski brings a diverse range of skills and experience to The SLAP Movement. As a Board Member, she holds a Masters Degree in Criminal Justice and Leadership and has been an active Police Officer for the past 17 years. Her passions in life are showing respect for yourself, elders, and children. She believes knowledge is power so regardless of the challenges God gives you, know that you have a purpose.

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