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The grind that never stops!


Intern Opportunities

The People: The S.L.A.P. Movement consists of hard-working individuals who strive to develop relationships with community leaders to effectively bring about positive change and increase awareness around challenging issues.

The Candidates: We are looking for driven hard working individuals who are passionate about making this world a better place. If this sounds like you, please join The S.L.A.P. Movement and help us S.L.A.P. the planet with positivity.


• Strong organizational and communication skills.

• Creative, self-starter with the ability to manage multiple tasks.

• Knowledge of effective branding practices on relevant social media platforms.

• Strong attention to detail and enjoys working in a collaborative team environment.

• Plan and design informational graphic images that communicate S.L.A.P.'s mission and vision.



Must have effective knowledge of the Adobe Creative Suite including Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects.



Must have effective knowledge of Adobe Premier and or Final Cut Pro with basic understanding of video editing techniques. 


Must have own camera equipment with basic understanding of video shooting techniques. 



Must have effective knowledge in AutoCAD


• Networking: Opportunity to work with S.L.A.P. community partners and clients.
• Growth: Continuous opportunities for personal and professional growth and development.

• Meaningful Impact: Knowing that you are part of a positive movement that will change lives forever.
• People: Work with a vibrant group of people who are passionate about making this world a better place.


Time- Flexible schedule of 20 hours a week 
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