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S.L.A.P. is committed to Saving Lives Assisting People in need, by partnering with Women Called Moses and Debra Nixon Bowles to bring awareness to the devastation of domestic violence and to provide emergency assistance by way of, sound solutions and pathways to long term safety and self-sufficiency for victims and survivors of abuse.

Jada Pinkett Smith Women Called Moses

Jada Pinkett Smith Women Called Moses

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S.L.A.P. is committed to Saving Lives Assisting People

Help Chance “OCHO” Noble Beat Stage 4 Cancer & “Spread Miles Of Smiles”

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Chance Noble is a Shriner Clown (OCHO) that loves to donate his time from being the Master of Ceremonies at the Shriner's Circus to visiting numerous Children's Hospitals singing songs, doing birthday parties or just popping in to see their faces light up as they fight their own fight.  He is committed to raising funds and awareness for charity and loves to cheer on the Spirit Celebration SPECIAL NEEDS CHILDREN year after year.  Returning OCHO to good health is a sure way to bring future smiles to thousands of children's faces.

Early in 2019 Chance Noble, also known as OCHO the Clown, was told he had a tumor on his left side of his Thyroid suspicious of cancer.  The tumor on his left side was removed and it was thought to be a success.  However, after the pathology review, he was told he needed to schedule a 2nd surgery again immediately to remove the right side of his thyroid due to the reports coming back positive as Poorly Differentiated Thyroid Cancer. Then, due to an untimely delay in treatment, The thyroid cancer metastasized into the rarest most aggressive form of this cancer in the Lymph system of his neck, Stage 4 Anaplastic Carcinoma. The surgical team was able to quickly get access to the egg size tumor that was rapidly growing, and remove most everything non vital on the left side in his neck. Including 3" of the main artery where the cancer attached by wrapping around it with a barbed tentacle. Each of the doctors agreed that we are very fortunate to have had the team ready to go as we believe that they were able to remove all of the Anaplastic Carcinoma. The outlook for 2021 is beyond good but far from over as there is a lot left to do to win this fight.... And this is a fight I plan on winning! Again, Thank you for your help and continued support as we already have Multiple procedures planned for 2021, MRI of the Brain (2), Full Body PET Scan (2) and Radioactive Iodine Treatment to top the list. Thank You and God Bless!

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Please donate to OCHO's Battle Against Stage Four Ana-plastic Cancer!

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Your donated gift assures your part in keeping the “Spreading Miles Of Smiles" movement alive and well.  #8MileSoSmiLeS


Something will grow from all that your going through and it will be you.

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