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World Innovation Learning Development


The S.L.A.P. Movement believes that community requires constructive, conceptual learning and proactive innovative solutions. We seek to implement innovative solutions in the area of health, education, and empowerment that are sustainable for any and all communities.


Out of the need to better support our future generations, W.I.L.D.  about Math was formed. We aim to support and service our schools and their communities, while improving them academically and culturally. We are focused on the restructuring and change of learning environments to better cultivate global thinkers and problem solvers, thus graduating more college and career ready scholars. By developing tools that bridge the connection gap between what the unconscious mind knows and conscious mind experiences within a classroom, we can begin to successfully develop mathematical conscious awareness from a very early age. 


We create powerful math experiences by utilizing tools that are simple to comprehend, simple to teach and simple to learn. Through use of the W.I.L.D.  about Math program, math teachers can address the diverse learning styles, cultural backgrounds and developmental stages of their scholars, there by establishing an all encompassing understanding of math.


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Malcolm X once said, “Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today”. We understand this truth and know that without this passport our children are destined to a life of limitations.     


At The S.L.A.P. Movement, we see every child as greatness destined for great things, and academia is their guide. At S.L.A.P., we perceive ourselves as a group of educators and inspirators with a passion to inspire the minds and transform the lives of our most precious resources, our children.


In supporting our learning institutions with an all-inclusive approach to teaching and learning, S.L.A.P. is in the position to provide a wealth of opportunities for students and teachers to work with programs that are researched-based, comprehensive, and most importantly, encourages innovation within their classrooms. We believe that it is the responsibility of learning institutions to create tools and systems that are equitable for all scholars.


For this reason, The S.L.A.P. Movement in conjunction with Health, Education, Responsibility & Opportunity (H.E.R.O.) is humbled to offer our world-class, all-inclusive initiatives to support at risk as well as on par scholars. We at H.E.R.O. know that our esteemed Learning Programs, through the leveraging of mathematics, will be one that your school, parents, and young scholars will come to value and depend on for years to come. We can prove that the hardest skill in mathematics, up to Pre-Algebra, is counting!


Last year we had two teachers at third grade achieve 98% passing on the State Assessment, 60% achieving mastery, and 80% meeting state expectations by working with our math learning tools.

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Curricular Phases


Phase I

“Foundations” - The Programming of the Unconscious Mind using Math CPR. This program is designed for foundational skill development for preschool to 5th grade scholars. It will shape and motivate a scholar’s mind by developing the basis for effective learning techniques, initiating the learner into the exciting world of mathematics and critical thinking.


The Phase I practicum is an ideal learning tool for preparing children to recognize patterns within numeration. They also learn to use base 10 complements to perform simple to complex computations, thus allowing addition and subtraction to be understood in an absolute way.

Phase II

“Bridging Consciousness” - The Programming of the Conscious Mind to synchronize with the Unconscious Mind. The Phase II Practicum is an ideal learning tool for grades 2 to 5, respectively. In this second level, we enable students to develop a greater capacity to comprehend, process and reflect on word problems.


Phase II will help eliminate the student’s reliance on calculators by providing mental and kinesthetic strategies to solve complex problems, --addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractional and decimal -- and reading, hearing, and writing all systems of place values. 


Phase III

“The Building Blocks” - Advanced Programming of the Conscious Mind for Algebra and Beyond.


Phase III will help computations of adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing complex polynomials. At this level, students will learn how to make greater use of their brains potential. By strengthening the mind, students develop the ability to solve increasingly complex calculations mentally through estimations. 

Academic Expectations

W.I.L.D.  about Math students will be transformed into young scholars who are prepared to:

- Use mathematics confidently as a language

- Take risks in performing critical thinking tasks

- Masters of decoding word problems

- Develop good habits and positive attitudes

- Develop deep powers of observation

- Sharpen listening power

- Commit to lifelong learning

- Increase creativity 

- Improve memory power

- Reduce carelessness

- Expand their gifts and talents

- Boost confidence to overcome obstacles

- Help overcome a phobia of numbers

- Engage in mathematical tasks and projects

- Contribute to mathematical discussions

- Increase a sense of cooperation, respect and empathy

- Communicate and reason mathematics, reading and writing

- Make connections between mathematics and the real world

- Increase personal levels of patience, efficiency and concentration

- Exhibit a positive attitude toward mathematics, reading and writing
- Become mathematically literate adults using their skills to contribute to society

We will also assist our local school districts to enhance the well-being of scholars in a holistic way so that we might increase productive graduation rates district wide.

Strategic Approach

We operate with proactive measures to ensure that every administrator is ready to lead, every teacher is prepared to teach, every support personnel is able to support, and that every student is equipped to learn. The goal of  W.I.L.D.  about Math is to encourage systematic change both internally and externally by providing specialized technical assistance, meaningful professional development, engaging activities for both whole group instruction and small group intervention that integrate strategies for problem solving, comprehension, self-empowerment, critical thinking. 

We have adapted our mental math and critical thinking tools to meet the academic challenges of today’s public schools by carefully studying programs from around the world, e.g. Asia, the United Kingdom and Canada have proven to be effective at improving student aptitude for math and science for over 30 years. Our approach is dynamic in nature, shaped and influenced by scholars, and can be customized for in school integration, after school supplementation and summer school extended instructional models. 

Our team of consultants will equip and empower schools with tools such as:

1. Planning and Development

2. Accountability

3. Internal and External Engagement

4. Curriculum tools for maximum results

5. Self- Empowerment and Transformative

6. Teacher Practicum

7. Improve Parental Engagement

8. Classroom Management


With a developmentally appropriate curriculum that emphasizes readiness in the foundational areas of math - problem solving and critical thinking, this program is designed to support growth in all core subjects including but not limited to English Language Arts and Science as well as social emotional development. We have found it to be especially true in Title 1 schools that many scholars lack the opportunity to develop these critical life skills prior to third grade, when the State of Texas begins their standardized test, STAAR. 

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