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This course is designed to introduce students to: The basic techniques of audio recording and engineering including, editing, mixing, and mastering. The use of Garage Band and Logic Pro X. Sound characteristics and design objectives in audio recording projects.

4 Week Course Calendar

Week 1

Intro to Audio Engineering and Sound / DAW concepts / Garage Band and Logic Pro X Discuss Individual and Group Recording Project     

•    Music Production Process     

•    Listening and Analysis     

•    Recording

Week 2

Recording Session Procedure and Overview / Mastering Basics / Quiz

Lab - Group Recording Project     

•    Editing     

•    Mixing     

•    Mastering

Week 3

Audio file format comparison and conversion -Quiz Lab - Individual Recording Project   

•    Effects Processing     

•    Audio Distribution Formats     

•    Mastering Tools

Week 4

Mastering and Prep for production Present final group and individual project     

•    Mastering for CD, MP3     

•    Bouncing a Mix to Disk     

•    Making MP3 Files

Course Goal:

Have audio engineering students begin to explore and conceptualize the world of the modern recording studio.

Student Learning Outcomes:     

•    Develop a basic understanding of audio production equipment and software.     

•    Understand the operation and application of audio processing equipment or software such as equalizers,    compressors, reverbs and delays.     

•    Develop a basic understanding of signal flow in relation to a recording set up.

•    Become proficient with an industry standard DAW user interface and related peripheral technology.

Class Meeting Times: 6 hours per week

Class Lab: 6 hours per week. Access to a laptop with Garbage Band and Logic Pro X

Items Needed: Mac Book Air, Magic Mouse, Blue Yeti Mic, Audio-Technica ATH-M40x (Headphones)



MacBook Air packs heavy-duty performance into just 2.8 pounds. The available quad-core Intel Core i7 processor delivers up to 2x faster CPU performance and up to 80 percent faster graphics performance, to help you power through everything from browsing the web to recording music to editing video. Up to 16GB of high-performance 3733MHz memory lets you work seamlessly even with multiple apps open. The fast SSD storage starts at 256GB and it can be configured with up to 2TB, providing plenty of room for all your movies, music, photos, files, and games.

Magic Mouse2.png


Blue Mic2.png
Blue Mic.png

Yeti condenser microphones produce pristine, studio-quality recordings with legendary ease. Four different pattern settings offer incredible flexibility so you can record vocals for music, podcasts,YouTube videos and more. Whether you're recording at home or on the road, the Yeti helps you produce studio-quality recordings every time.

Kaotica logo.png

The Kaotica Eyeball’s patented technology offers encapsulated isolation for your microphone like no other product on the market. It works by amplifying emitted sound waves into the microphone diaphragm, waves which are not consumed are absorbed with ideal acoustic resonance.

SENN logo.png

The HD 280 Pro is Sennheiser's most significant closed, around-the-ear headphone to be introduced in years. Designed to exceed the demands of the professional environment, the HD 280 Pro boasts extremely robust construction combined with the sound quality, modular design and aggressive noise isolation that is necessary in the field. The unique collapsible design, combined with swiveling ear cups, offers maximum flexibility in any application.

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